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Classic visit customers

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In the marketing process, whether it is market research, new product promotion and sales promotion, customer maintenance, all need to visit customers, customer visit is the most basic common sales work, may be the sales visit the visit was It is quite common for many, the sales of so many sales visit a contemptuous disregard

In the marketing process, whether it is market research, new product promotion and sales promotion, customer maintenance, all need to visit customers, customer visit is the most basic common sales work, may be the sales visit the visit was It is quite common for many, the sales of so many sales visit a contemptuous disregard, visit unable to start, in fact, if the salesperson can find ways of customer visit is not so difficult, the following is the inventory of customer visit skills, for reference.
A straight, straight to the point, why.
Initial meetings with customers and the other received no other calls on the case, we can brief discourse directly to the purpose of the visit to each other: such as he is introduced to each other, which product manufacturers (agents); availability is the talk of cooperation, or to carry out promotional activities is to sign the contract; still, sales inquiries; other aspects which need to provide cooperation and support, etc.. If there is a malicious Daoming, imagine when we visited the terminal target is a salesperson, he very likely we will initially as an unusual and thoughtful service for consumers. When he recommended products, remind function, attention and so on and spent a long time, we'll explain to him to visit, a sudden "I was a supplier, not to buy products, but to engage in promotional......" And they will have a strong "white" or even a feeling of being cheated, immediately will generate resentment, resistance. At this time, in order to successfully carry out the next step will certainly be difficult.
Two, outstanding self, to win attention.
Sometimes, we again and three to visit a company, but the other side is very few people know what we are manufacturers, salesman called what name, with which products have been in cooperation. At this point, we have to look at ways to highlight their own, to win the attention of the majority of customers.
First of all, don't skimp on business cards. Time to customers, in addition to the key figures and direct contact contact, should also be to the procurement manager, financial staff, sales manager, sales staff and even stores warehouse receiving these related personnel, have issued a name card, in order to strengthen their impression of each other. Release name card, you can surprise. For example, the tails of the first to name card, printed on the back of the name card "business variety" to attract each other, because customers who really care about is not in contact with them, but with the contacts he can bring what kind of profit varieties. Give your business card once, two, and three times until the other person remembers your name and the variety you are doing.
Secondly, in the issuance of product catalog or other promotional materials, it is necessary to manifest in the square marked with his name and telephone number of the main contact information, and handwriting in a different color to highlight; at the same time the customer said: if you dial the phone, we can always serve you.
Third, customers pay for the brand effect operation has been successful, sales of large operating varieties: "you see, our company XX this product sells so well, doing so successfully; this time with us, what do you hesitate?"
Fourth, to show you and your boss and other leaders (as general manager) and other key figures of the "iron": if the visit was the boss, jokes, and address each other as brothers about personal problems, etc.. Just think, a good friend of supervisors and leadership, the other can easily offend? Of course, the premise is you really and his boss or leader has an unusual "iron"; and the performance of this "iron" must have, not to each other "leading to pressure" feeling. Otherwise, the effect will be counterproductive.
Three, how to match up.
When we visit customers, we often encounter such a situation: the other impatient, not enthusiastic to say to us: "I am not free, I am busy." The other said these words, there are several general situations: one is he really busy reception or other work of other customers, the content of their talks, selling points, the sale price may not be easy to let you know; the two is that he is to carry out recreational activities with other colleagues or customers, such as poker, to see a football or chat about hot topics; the three is what he was not, but for some reason the mood is not good. Of course, under the first case, we have to wait, take the initiative to avoid, or find out the time to help each other to do what, for example, if we visited the terminal target is a store clerk, when a consumer is whether to buy a product and indecisive, hesitant, we can help the salesperson promotion in the side, the obligation to act as a return to the other side of the sales to customers to buy "helper" firm determination; in the second case, we can join the ranks of their conversation with insights from other discussions initiated in the cold; or a small gift will carry (such as cards) to them, as entertainment tool. At this time, we need to integrate with it, with the attitude; a knowing, knowing not without exposure. In the third case, we are best advised to visit, not self-defeating.there.

Four, clearly identify the object identity.
If we visited the same customer many times, but with little success: the price is uncertain, the agreement is not correct, the promotion is not in place, sales growth, etc.. At this time, we have to reflect on: whether to find the right person, that is, whether to find the key to the realization of the purpose of our visit to help. This requires that we must handle well when they visit the "handshake" and "embrace": with the general staff "handshake" to turn a blind eye to his feeling on the line; the key and the core figures closely to "embrace" together, establish a close relationship. So, each other's true "identity" we must understand, he (she) what is the procurement manager, sales manager, store manager, supervisor, or the general purchasing, sales, sales, sales. In different circumstances the visit to the place to visit different positions (positions) of the people. For example, customers must buy new varieties, to visit the procurement staff; customers must pay the price, procurement and financial officers must find together; and to increase product promotion efforts, it is best to find a sales and sales staff.
Five, the promotion of the advantages, to lure.
Materialistic businessmen. This "benefit", includes two aspects: the meaning of "public" and "private interests"; we can understand it simply as "good", as long as can bring certain benefits to customers, we must be able to customer acceptance.
First, a clear public". This requires that we must have strong presentation skills, the company can complete varieties, reasonable price, thoughtful service, reliable quality, operating norms can bring temporary or long-term interest to customers the advantages of familiar to customers; let him and his company felt with our business, safe and comfortable. There is money. This "public interest" as much as we can to let more people know each other; the more people we know, after the visit to work more smoothly: because no one is willing to neglect to bring their profits and business people.
Second, the implication of self-interest". Now the industry in product sales process, many manufacturers for the key link of purchase, sales invoice, terminal promotion are equipped with various forms of rewards or incentives; all levels of purchase, sales staff also knows this. Therefore, which gave him a "reward" more, he naturally came to visit a person who is enthusiastic. And the "public good" compared with "private interests" of the covert operation, it is best to do only "you know, I know" (except for top individual performance, public reward).
Six, to crush one by one.
If we want the customer to understand what kind of information related to products, customers in the product price, sales, rebates, promotional efforts and so often evasive or even keep from talking about, that we can't survey to real information about competing products. Then want to break up a "United Front" is often difficult to us. So we have to find a key breakthrough. For example, for an older or higher position in the customer more credibility, according to his preferences, to carry out the appropriate public relations activities, the establishment of a "personal relationship" with it, he let the truth "informer" to us. You can even use this person's prestige, reputation and promote Bush to infection, to convince other people to reach stock, receivables, and other promotions to the visit.
Seven, correct attitude, never give up.
The customer's visit is a chance war, rarely a success, it can not be done overnight, once and for all. Sales representatives should not only carry forward the "four thousand spirit": walk, eat, said after numerous hills and streams, want to do everything possible to visit for thousands and thousands of words and successful efforts; train "is my fault" mentality of the highest realm: "customer refused, is my fault, because I lack of marketing skills; because I foresee is not strong because; I am unable to provide good customer service......" To sum up the lessons of failure. As long as the exercise of the customer's refusal is not afraid, do not evade, do not complain, do not be discouraged, the four state of mind, we will visit the customer's success has been a big step.